The laundry revolution: FLOPP Ropa Higiene Total.

Do you wash at low temperatures? Are you unable to eliminate the bad smell of your clothes? Do you practice any sport? Do you have babies at home? Are you usually in contact with pets?

If you answered YES! To one of these questions, this product can help you

FLOPP Ropa Higiene TotalCleans, neutralises bad odours in all types of clothing and leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.

How does it work?

The hygienising detergent is efficient from the start and throughout the washing process. It ensures that no detergent remains on the fabric once rinsed and softened (this avoids possible skin sensitivities).

FLOPP Ropa Higiene Total can be used in all kinds of fabrics and garments such as sportswear, lingerie, household linen (towels, sheets, blankets…), baby clothing, fabrics in contact with animals, sick people’s clothing…

FLOPP ROPA HIGIENE TOTAL. A unique detergent packed in capsules —hygieniser for clothes and suitable for washing at low temperatures—.

What benefits does it provide?

–  Washes and hygienises the clothes at low temperatures with the following results:

  • Maintains high efficiency on most fabrics/soilings.
  • Improved protection of fabrics.
  • High energy savings, environmental improvement and minimization of climate change.
  • Economic savings.

– Sustainable product formulated with hygienising agents of natural or biological origin.

– Odour neutralizer.

– It allows hygienising the fabrics during the washing cycle by using a single product.

In recent years, increasing social awareness of environmental protection has led to many initiatives to reduce energy consumption. In the area of detergents, and in particular the laundry detergents, the trend has been to reduce the temperatures of the washing processes.

The combination of using low-temperature washing programs and synthetic and/or technical fabrics causes difficulties in removing substances that cause bad odours.

FLOPP Ropa Higiene Total guarantees excellent efficacy at low temperatures

In addition, Careli, with the detergent FLOPP ROPA HIGIENE TOTAL, takes a further step in the commitment to the environment: we sell the concentrated detergent in water-soluble capsules, minimizing the plastic waste for the marketing of the product. And what does this mean? We not only reduce the use of plastic for packaging, but also the total weight of the product, which results in a lower environmental impact of the manufacture and distribution of laundry products.

Operating instructions: Place one capsule directly in the drum and put the laundry into the washer. Set a program without pre-wash. Do not unwrap, wet, cut open or puncture the capsule. Close packaging tightly after every use.

All Flopp capsules contain a bitter substance to offer maximum protection to children and pets to avoid its ingestion.

Flopp Ropa Higiene Total is sold in units of 18 capsules.

Flopp Ropa Higiene Total was voted “Product of the Year 2018”

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