FLOPP Ropa BEBÉ ECO is a concentrated liquid detergent packed in water soluble capsules certified with the EU ECOLABEL (ES-CAT/006/003);. It is specially designed for baby laundry and has no reportable allergens and presented in a 100% Biodegradable & Compostable packaging that complies with the norm UNE-EN 14806, made out of renewable sources.

FLOPP Ropa BEBÉ ECO is a vegan certified product, issued by “The Vegan Society”.

It has been conceived for the care of the most delicate fabrics, while offering all the advantages of the products packed in water soluble capsules:

  • Easy and convenient dosing, one capsule directly in the drum.
  • 100% dissolution, maximum respect for the environment.
  • Utmost protection for children. In order to avoid ingestions, capsules contain Bitrex (the bitterest substance in the world).
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and simple to use.

The product also offers all the advantages of a detergent conceived for the care of those you love most:

  • Detergent with neutral pH value for best care and washing of white and colored clothes.
  • Mildly scented, soft on the most delicate garments.
  • Great performance on food stains.

Operating instructions: Place one capsule directly in the drum and put the laundry into the washer. Always handle the capsules with dry hands. Do not unwrap, wet, cut open or puncture the capsule.

All Flopp capsules contain a bitter substance to offer maximum protection to children and pets to avoid its ingestion.

Flopp Ropa Bebé ECO is sold in units of 30 capsules.


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