The best tips for your laundry…

  • Classify the laundry according to the levels of dirt, colors, and type of fabric. This is one of the best and most simple tips for washing clothes since it prevents them from damaging or dyeing the clothes in other colors.
  • Pay attention to the clothing labels: From all the washing programs, choose the one that suits best the type of garment you will wash. Always keep in mind that the spin cycle and temperature must be adequate.
  • Pretreat stains that are not going to be completely removed with a regular wash.
  • Close the zippers, clasps, and fasteners of your clothing to prevent them from snagging and tearing other clothes. This advice for washing clothes will help you avoid damaging the machine or the clothes. It is also convenient to include garments of different sizes in the same laundry to improve movement during the wash. Put dark-colored pieces of clothing inside out. Use a laundry bag to put the lingerie and corsetry garments to prevent them from damaging.
  • Use the correct detergent dose: using more detergent in the laundry spoils and stains the clothes, and also damages the environment.
  • Know the type of water and the amount of lime in your area. The higher the lime the water contains, the more soap you will need, as the lime neutralizes part of the detergent.
  • These laundry tips will help us maintain the quality, colors, and materials of the clothes. At the same time, we help keep our washing machine in good condition so that it does not break down and that it can last us many more washes.