The ECO range containers, with brown doypack, can be disposed of in the brown or organic fraction container.

The 100% recyclable containers go to the yellow container.

The cardboard cases can be get rid of in the blue container.

The capsule coating is not plastic, but a synthetic (water-soluble) polymer that is inherently biodegradable. If it were plastic, it wouldn’t melt with water.

Use a detergent capsule with each wash, except for very dirty clothes and hard waters. Check what type of water there is in the area where you live on our website.

Yes, in addition to placing it in the drum to scent the garments during washing, they can be dissolved in a spray bottle and applied dry on the clothes, during ironing, or as an air freshener.

The product is ‘All in one; so, in principle, it would not be necessary to use rinse aid or salt. However, depending on the hardness of the water in the area where you live, it might be advisable to accompany it with both.

Place the capsules directly into the drum of the washing machine. In the case of dishwashers, in the detergent drawer. The soil capsules dissolve in the bucket of water.

Handling the capsules with wet hands could cause the film to partially dissolve, and cause the other capsules to stick to each other.

If the film has not dissolved, but the detergent has already been emptied inside the drum, it is not necessary to repeat the wash. However, if there is still detergent in the capsule, we recommend re-washing the clothes.