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FLOPP Household Cleaners receives the award “Product of the year 2022”

Ganador producto del año 2022

The award to the “Product of the Year 2022” is the most important award given in Spain, with focus to the innovative, sustainable and creative packaging and products that brands create.

FLOPP Household Cleaners: great award to the innovation in the Product of the Year 2022

The innovative and sustainable products of the product range Household Cleaners received a new achievement: the Great Award to the Innovation, Product of the Year 2022.

The contest where more than 10000 consumers choose, throughout their direct vote, the most innovative consumer goods of the year, giving the acknowledgement to the effort realized by the brands, in terms of innovation. This award positions the product range Household Cleaners: FLOPP Bac, FLOPP Multiusos, FLOPP Baños, FLOPP Cocinas and FLOPP Mediterráneo between the best products of the year 2022.

Premio innovación 2022

Innovation that supports the circular economy

The winning project of the yearly award FLOPP Household Cleaners, which system promotes the circular economy and the end to the single use plastics in cleaning products, is a product range focused in hydro soluble capsules, formed by 4 household cleaners and an air freshener:

          • FLOPP BAC: Concentrated Multipurpose cleaner in capsules apt for all kinds of surfaces and floors, which combines the cleaning power with total hygiene, without bleach and leaving a nice and fresh perfume.
          • FLOPP MULTIUSOS: Concentrated Multipurpose cleaner for all kinds of household surfaces, with a great cleaning power that leaves a nice and fresh perfume on any surface.
          • FLOPP BAÑOS: Concentrated bathroom cleaner with great descaling properties. Cleans eliminating and descaling limescale of the bathroom surfaces, leaving a pleasant clean perfume bringing a long-lasting shine.
          • FLOPP COCINAS: Concentrated kitchen cleaner in capsules with a great degreasing power. Cleans and degreases the kitchen surfaces eliminating the dirtiness and grease, leaving shining surfaces with a nice herbal aroma.
          • FLOPP MEDITERRÁNEO: Concentrated air freshener for your house in capsules with a pleasant perfume that brings the mediterranean vegetation freshness in an intense and long-lasting sensation.
Producto del año 2022

FLOPP home clean: sustainable products with innovating reusable packaging systems

These products awarded as “Product of the year 2022” it is presented in two formats: in kit format, with a 100% recyclable bottle made of 50% recycled plastic, or in refill format, with a capsule in a cardboard box 100% recycled and recyclable.

“each capsule of the concentrated capsule saves up a plastic bottle to the planet”

Mixing water and a capsule allows you to prepare 500ml of the product ready to be used, this way, with the purchase of a single bottle and the recharges, allows to reduce the single use plastics that you would otherwise be purchasing, with the consequent reduction on CO2 emissions derived from transport. As a summary, for each capsule of concentrated product, you reduce a plastic bottle to the planet, it achieves a cleanliness equally effective, but a lot more sustainable and it foments the circular economy.

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