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Are we destroying the planet? STOP climate change!

consecuencias cambio climático

Evidence of climatic change: What other proofs do we need? 

The consequences of climate change are evident: a day abnormally hot in the midst of January, a fierce hailstorm in June, and a sudden cold wave at the beginning of May, all of them are situations that, isolated, do not represent any threat and have been happening during centuries. The problem arises when these sporadic situations become a common occurrence. Yesterday’s anomaly becomes today’s norm.

There exist many scientific evidences that demonstrate the impact of humankind’s footprint in the alarming climatic crisis, and with it, these devastating and irreversible effects. The increase in world temperature, the glaciers and sea ice melting, the frequency and intensity increase of extreme meteorological phenomenons, changes in the ecosystems and extreme droughts are some of the consequences that we are experiencing currently, and that boost the climate change.

But… What can we do from home to fight climate change? 

Just like how Mahatma Gandhi said, “If you want to change the world, change yourself”. That is why we would like to give you some tips so that we all can contribute with little everyday actions to improve our future and fight climate change:

  1. Transport: Prioritize walking or riding a bicycle, use public transport or perhaps share a car.
  2. Water: Don’t overuse hot water, try showering instead of taking a bath and turn off the tap while you are not using the water.
  3. Heating: remember that the sufficient temperature to be comfortable inside your home is in between 19ºC and 21ºC. During summer, use the air conditioner (AC) only when needed.
  4. Ecological food: Purchase local and seasonal products to reduce the CO2 emissions due to transports, with that you will find an improvement in the quality of food at the same time. Not only that, the foods with the “bio” label use less pesticides and chemical products.
  5. The 3 R rule: Reduce your good consumption and energetic usage, Reuse giving a second life to a product and Recycle each residue in the correct container to generate new goods with it.
  6. Home appliances: Use home appliances that have an energetic qualification of A+ or higher. Did you know that the cold washing program of your washing machine reduces an 80% of the energetic consumption?
  7. Reduce plastic packaging: Use reusable bags to go shopping and purchase products in bulks instead of pre-packaged goods. Moreover, did you know that many supermarkets allow you to bring your own Tupperware to purchase some fresh products?
  8. Ecological companies: Choose products and services from the companies that are making an effort to be sustainable. For example, there are more and more companies offering sustainable goods such as electrical companies that offer electricity coming from renewable sources, companies that sell sustainable clothing, ecological cosmetic products, ecological cleaning products…

Flopp, products committed to the environment

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Remember that small changes can make big differences. And you, to mark your difference, what are you waiting for? Will you join us to fight climate change?

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