Do you want to join the Plastic Free July movement?

Currently, we can find plastic in every product: food and the majority of hygiene products are packed with plastic. Also, products such as your car, mobile phone, computer, etc. are made with it, or even if you eat a chewing gum, you will be putting plastic in your body.

Therefore, how big is our problem against plastic? The majority of plastic waste that we generate, unfortunately, ends up in dumping sites, beaches, rivers and oceans and contributes to very worrying problems such as the Great Pacific garbage patch, an island of the size of a continent where the quantity of plastic is higher than plankton.

Fortunately, there are some social movements like ’Plastic Free July’ that are created to solve the plastic pollution. The movement consists in living during July minimizing as much as possible the disposal of plastic which implies not buying anything packed with plastic, nor utensils of ‘’use and throw’’. Thanks to collaborating in this cause, we will be part of the solution and we will be aware that it is possible to reduce the use of that type of material that is damaging so much our environment. People around the world united for the same goal!

Here are some ideas to help reduce the use of plastic:


  • Say NO to straws and single use plastic utensils.
  • Reuse bags or use recyclable bags.
  • Avoid chewing gums.
  • Reuse packages,
  • Use matches.
  • Buy food in bulk.
  • Don’t buy bottled juice.

How does Flopp contribute with this cause?

With Flopp, you can achieve the goal of getting rid of or reducing to the minimum the usage of plastics. Thanks to the broad range of products that Flopp has, you will be able to reach the objective since you will find our products packed in biodegradable and compostable doypacks. Furthermore, you will be able to reuse the spray bottles of all household cleaning range products.


The FLOPP system of water-soluble cleaning capsules, allows removing plastic or reusing it as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the product, helping to minimize the environmental impact.

For every Flopp capsule you use, a plastic bottle you save to the planet!

FLOPP Cleans without Polluting the Planet


Join the PLASTIC FREE JULY movement

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