Careli presents a complete range of household products that eliminates single-use plasticpackaging

elimina envases de plástico
  • The company adds two new specific cleaners for kitchens and bathrooms and an air freshenerto the two multipurpose products recently presented, all of them concentrated in water-soluble capsules.

Careli is very clear about its goal with the FLOPP brand of cleaning products: to clean without polluting the planet. In our society, the use that we give to plastic is unsustainable and is a clear example of the impacts of the culture of “use and throw”. Therefore, the only solution is to go to the origin of the problem, reducing the amount of plastic that is put into circulation, either through recycling or by betting on its reuse.

In this case, we have opted for reuse and we have launched the complete FLOPP range for the home consisting of a descaling cleaner for bathrooms, FloppBaños; a degreasing cleaner for kitchens, FloppCocinas, a multipurpose cleaner, FloppMultiusos, a multipurpose cleaner for total hygiene, FLOPP BAC, and a home air freshener, FloppMediterráneo. All of them presented in comfortable water-soluble capsules, designed to be used in reusable spray bottles.

This system of single-dose capsules allows us to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the product, helping to minimize its environmental impact. For every Flopp capsule we use, a plastic bottle we save to the planet. It is the ideal system to eliminate single-use plastic containers in cleaning products.

The range is also vegan, as all the products are registered by “The Vegan Society”.

The range is available on Amazon and, in refill and bottle format.


Product description:

FLOPP BAC is a multi-purpose cleaner concentrated in capsules that combines the power of cleaning with total hygiene, without bleach. It is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces and floors, leaving a pleasant clean perfume on the treated surfaces.

FLOPP MULTIUSOS is a concentrated cleaner in capsules for all types of household surfaces, with great cleaning power that leaves a pleasant clean perfume on treated surfaces.

FLOPP COCINAS is a concentrated cleaner with great degreasing power. Cleans and degreases kitchen surfaces, removing grease and dirt, leaving surfaces shiny with a pleasant herbal scent.

FLOPP BAÑOS is a concentrated cleaner with great descaling power. Cleans by descaling and removing limescale from bathroom surfaces. Provides a long-lasting shine and leaves a pleasant clean scent on treated surfaces.

FLOPP MEDITERRÁNEO is a concentrated air freshener for the home with a pleasant perfume that evokes the freshness of the Mediterranean vegetation in an intense and lasting way in the environment.

Operating instructions:

The capsule is placed in a spray bottle and filled with 500 ml of water. The bottle is shaken until the capsule dissolves completely. The product is ready to be sprayed on the surface to be treated with a dry cloth.

An innovative and internationally awarded system

This innovative system has been the recipient of several awards, including the WorldStar Award, which recognizes the best packaging initiatives worldwide.

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