Eliminate single-use plastic bottles from cleaning products, now possible with FLOPP BAC and FLOPP Multiusos, the new products from Careli

  • Careli presents a revolutionary new system based on water-soluble capsules and reusable plastic bottles
  • Under this system, the brand’s vegan product catalog expands with FLOPP Multipurpose, a cleaner for domestic surfaces, and FLOPP Bac, a multipurpose cleaner with sanitizing power

The use of plastic is not sustainable and is a clear example of the impacts of the use-and-throw culture. Therefore, you have to go to the origin of the problem and, firstly, reduce the amount of plastic that is put into circulation, and then bet on reuse. With this philosophy, Careli continues to take steps to combat the use of single-use plastics, with the launch of two new products that are also vegan certified: FLOPP BAC and FLOPP MULTIUSOS.


FLOPP Bac, a multipurpose product with sanitizing power

FLOPP Bac is a multipurpose cleaner concentrated in capsules that combines cleaning power with maximum sanitization, without bleach. It is suitable for all types of surfaces, and can also be used for floor cleaning by diluting the capsule in a bucket with 4 or 5 liters of water. It presents a pleasant clean scent.


FLOPP Multiusos, an ally for cleaning domestic surfaces

FLOPP Multiusos is designed to clean all types of surfaces in the home. It is a concentrated product, with great cleaning power, and that leaves a pleasant clean smell.

The basis of the system are the single-dose water-soluble capsules, which are diluted in 750 ml of water in a spray bottle. Consumers can purchase the product in a kit, consisting of a capsule and a plastic bottle made with 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable, or the refills of the product, in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard cases, of a capsule.

Maximum respect for the environment

With the purchase of one bottle and its refills, the subsequent single-use plastic bottles can be saved, with the consequent reduction of C02 emissions derived from the unnecessary transport of water usually present in the formulation of cleaning products. In summary, for each capsule of concentrated product, a plastic bottle is saved to the planet, achieving an equally effective but much more sustainable cleaning.

The FLOPP BAC and FLOPP Multipurpose reusable bottle is made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable PET. The PET plastic used is obtained from the selective collection of waste circuits (PCR-post consumer recycled), thus promoting the philosophy of circular economy and respect for the environment.

In addition, FLOPP BAC and FLOPP Multipurpose are vegan certified products, issued by “The Vegan Society”. This means that neither the product nor its ingredients have components of animal origin, and that its manufacture or development has not involved any kind of test in animals, such as evidence of efficacy, toxicity, safety, or cosmetics.

Careli remains committed to offering a much more sustainable cleaning, reducing the use and the impact plastics have on ecosystems. Let’s all bet on a future free of plastic pollution!

FLOPP cleans without dirtying the planet!


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