Careli presents FLOPP Perfume Clothes: the aromas of essential oils, now in your clothes

Careli continues to innovate and expands its product catalog to clean without dirtying the planet. The new FLOPP Perfume Ropa is a perfume for clothes in capsules, with vegan certification and with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. FLOPP Perfume Ropa can be used during the washing process or it can be used as a freshener for clothes.

FLOPP Perfume Ropa is the first vegan certified capsule clothing perfume, formulated with natural essential oils that leave garments an intense and lasting ocean freshness.

In this way, Careli responds to the needs of a consumer who demands a lasting perfume on clothing and that remains during the washing, ironing and storage process in the wardrobe. The product is suitable for all temperatures, colors and fabrics, even for sportswear, providing solutions to fabrics such as microfibers with which it is not convenient to use softener, because it reduces its effectiveness and durability.

Its use is very simple, since you only have to add a capsule directly to the drum of the washing machine together with the detergent. It can also be used as a clothes freshener: incorporating a capsule in a spray bottle with 500 ml of water, and it can be sprayed on dry clothes or during ironing.

FLOPP Perfume Ropa’s packaging not only presents and protects the product it contains, but also reflects the brand’s values. For this reason, we have developed the first perfume for clothing in capsules with a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard container.

Soon in your supermarket and in our online store.

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