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What are the advantages of using ecological detergents?

detergente ecológico

The main characteristic that differentiates the use of ecological detergents against traditional detergents is their greater commitment to the sustainability and protection of ecosystems and natural environments.

These ecological products can be easily identified because they are certified with the EU ECOLABEL, which officially identifies and certifies the most ecological products and services that respect the environment throughout their life cycle, from the consumption of raw materials, production and distribution, to their use and disposal.

In addition, there are many more advantages and benefits to throw ourselves into the use ecological detergents. Want to know them?

No health risks

Ecological detergents involve less use of hazardous chemicals in their preparation, mostly being elaborated from natural products. Therefore, they pose a lower risk to human health with respect to conventional detergents.

Less packaging waste

The ecological detergents in capsules generate less packaging waste than traditional detergents. Thanks to its concentrated formulation, the volume of its packaging is lesser.

detergentes ecologicos protección medio ambiente

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Concentrated ecological detergents in capsules occupy less space, both during transport and on supermarket shelves/at home, which translates into less CO2 emissions. For example, 1 truck fully loaded with FLOPP is equivalent to 3.5 fully loaded trucks of a similar product packed in the traditional packaging.

Safety during handling

There is no direct handling of the products, so maximum safety for the user is guaranteed. All FLOPP capsules contain Bitrex, officially considered the bitterest substance in the world, to protect children against undesired accidents.

Economic and energetic savings

If you wash your clothes with ecological detergents, you also save on energy and consumption! These detergents are equally effective at low temperatures, so you will not have to use hot water to wash your clothes.

What are ecological detergents made out of?

Ecological detergents are products elaborated from raw materials with reduced levels of toxicity, ecotoxicity and biodegradability, and packed in water-soluble film that completely dissolves in water, without packaging waste.

Thus, in Careli we developed three ecological detergents ideal for the integral cleaning of homes, with social responsibility with the environment: FLOPP Lavavajillas Gel ECOFLOPP Ropa ECO and FLOPP Suelos Universal ECO, certified with the EU ECOLABEL and designed to guarantee the maximum cleanliness.

detergentes ecológicos Flopp Ecopack

At Careli we have decided to go one step further! This year we have launched our new range of ecological detergents FLOPP ECOPACK that presents a fully Biodegradable and Compostable doypacks. They come from renewable sources and that complies with the norm UNE-EN 14806, with the aim of standing up to traditional plastic containers, and help protect our natural ecosystems.

This initiative becomes a pioneer in the market, after having achieved a range of 100% ecological cleaning products, both in its composition, and in the packaging.


Do you want to know more about ecological detergents and their benefits? Try it for yourself! Get now our FLOPP Ecopack detergents and help protect the environment.

Discover the new FLOPP Ecopack range!

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